Anila Kalleshi was born in Shkodra, Albania. She graduated with a degree in “Physiotherapy” at the Visa Medicinska University in Belgrade. Followed by a Master degree in “Nutrition and Dietics” at Stonebridge University London, “Weight Loss Control & Weight Loss Management” in U.S.A, “Clinical Nutrition” at UNICUSANO University in Rome, and one-year master at Tor Vergata University in Rome “Medicina Estetica” 2016.  Anila is the President of Albanian Lifestyle Medicine Association and also President of Anila Kalleshi Center, a weight loss center in Tirana.

NY Elite Interview with Anila Kalleshi

Tell us a little bit more about your business and career beginnings. 

Anila Kalleshi: Everything starts with a dream, and I’ve worked hard to achieve all my goals. It has been difficult but not impossible. “Anila Kalleshi Center” is located in the center of Tirana, Albania and offers a variety of services related to weight loss and more. Latest technology combined with special weight loss treatment, has brought the desired results in all our clients. As a result of this therapy, the client loses 6-7 kg in 10 full sessions and reduces the perimeter up to 10 cm.


What is the leadership style like at this company?

Anila Kalleshi: “ One for all, all for one”. I often say that working with people who motivate you and believe in you, is the best “therapy” for your business. I am grateful for having the best staff and unconditional support. Based on this I use  the participate leadership style,to provide the growth of opportunities and most importantly to develop confidence among others.

What type of culture has the leadership put in place at the company?

Anila Kalleshi: This leadership style it is considered as a most ideal leadership style that could be adopted by any leader. The employees have the chance to develop their ideas, to show their skills, and most importantly  to use their potential. And the results are amazing. My employees have a higher level of job satisfaction and are highly motivated.

What creative strategies do you execute that lead to successful outcomes?

Anila Kalleshi: I believe that working hard is the key. In the end of the day, I am thankful for what I have achieved and for helping so many people to accomplish their dreams to have “ a dream body”. In these case, you don’t a need a creative strategy, you need to create a connection with the client, to understand what she really wants and to help her in every step of the process.

How does the company innovate?

Anila Kalleshi: The latest technology is finally in “Anilla Kalleshi Center”. Eximia HR77 Platinium is an advanced multi-technological system designed and studied by specialists of “Body Conturing”. With the methods that Eximia uses, it’s absolutely perfect for every female. Guarantees an amazing result in a short time, (after 7 days you will see a difference and your body will be thankful.)

What projects have been your favorites that you have been a part of and why?

Anila Kalleshi: My favorite project is being the president of  the “Albanian Lifestyle Medicine Association”.  Lifestyle Medicine includes counseling, reviews and clinical life-changing applications. The following ailments are defined as Life Diseases: obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes type 2, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cancer (especially some types of cancer such as colon cancer), neurodegenerative diseases and depression. I am more than happy to give all my clients a professional support to recover the well-being that they deserve.

Learning how to choose the right foods, provides you not only to have a perfect body, but also to make the first step towards personal well-being. A healthy lifestyle without restrictions is essential in preventing diseases of various kinds. My primary interest is the patient’s health: Understanding the patient’s psychological condition and to motivate him/her during his/her journey are the most important part of my work.

What are your success metrics? How do you measure success?

Anila Kalleshi: When my clients say “Thank you for everything!”- for me it has a huge importance. This is how I measure success: When they’re happy, i  am happy. I continue to work more, learn more and to do more!

What was the most significant change you brought about in a project?

Anila Kalleshi: The most significant change that I brought being part of a project it was helping people who were struggling with obesity problems or complications of this condition. For me, instead of just focusing on the quick fixes, it is important to find the root of the problem. This condition it’s related with other health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc.

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What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your career?

Anila Kalleshi: Through my career, I’ve learned that words like success, improvement, relationships, people-they are all connected. You can’t achieve success without improvement, and you can’t create relationships without having people believing in you.

How can you minimize the unknowns?

Anila Kalleshi: The only way to minimize the unknowns is to challenge yourself. I challenge myself everyday, because learning new things  brings a valuable difference for me and for my career.

How did you learn from failure?

Anila Kalleshi: Failure might be one battle or two, but this doesn’t mean that you are a loser. Every time I fail, i believe that I am in the right path for finding the key of the success. Each failure teaches me something, so the next time I will be better and I can do better.

What are your personal goals?

Anila Kalleshi: I am looking forward to take “Anilla Kalleshi Center” in an international level. Also i am currently working with my new book related to weight loss, exercise and diet.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Anila Kalleshi: Nothing more than just a happy woman, a happy mother and a happy wife!

How do you balance work-life?

Anila Kalleshi: A woman is successful when her whole life is successful. By that I mean, to have achieved everything in the work, in life, and in all other directions that form the happiness of a person. So for me, the balance work-life is : to be able to work, to lead my activity with dedication, to have a perfect family, to be educated and cultured, to have love and respect of people. In this moment I have achieved all those i mentioned, so i can say that i have found the perfect balance.

What is the best advise you received recently, and that you still follow?

Anila Kalleshi: From my family I learned to be honest with people, to be kind and good to them. She always says that success is combined with failure, and everything that you have in life is a result of a focused, hard work.